Lumo Developments are a group of like-minded artisan developers with a track record of creating innovative, award-winning games such as Kumo Lumo and Paper Titans. Part of Leamington Spa’s Arch Creative scene, the team aim to make unique experiences to surprise and delight players; combining elements from the fringes of pop-culture.

Jonathan “Jogo” Evans is a game designer who loves to combine creative invention with a surreal imagination. However, with Jogo the player and their understanding and enjoyment of every moment of the play experience comes first. His influences stem from modern art and cinema to photography and science.If Jogo wasn’t creating games, he would probably be writing novels or comics because he doesn’t really know how to do very much apart from make things up.

Nic Williams is the visual shamen at the heart of Lumo Developments. Nic once saw a peacock kick an eagle in the face. Additionally, he once dreamt that Moebius bequeathed to him his two pet mice. At first Nic thought this a peculiar offering, but upon receiving the mice he discovered that the true gift was much grander; their cage. Recorded within it’s crystalline structure was a key to all knowledge throughout the universe, past & future. Nic considers it a great shame that dreams are not real.

Chris is the technical brains of Lumo Developments. He combines an elegant use of words, numbers and the weird symbols that programmers love so much with a flawless touch for player experience.

When he is not coding Chris spends all his time eating and exercising. Thousands of calories are consumed and burned each hour. It’s best to think of Chris as a genius programming hummingbird. We find it helps.

Chris Randle takes care of the sound waves at Lumo Developments. He’s a musician and sound designer with an assortment of different instruments, microphones and libraries and a fascination for how they can be combined. Having written music in a number of different styles, he continues to strive for variety in his work and believes in keeping things as simple as possible. He’s available to make noise for other people too. You can find out more at

Steve Stopps has been leading tech projects for over two decades across many sectors: combining sales, marketing and production expertise. Steve founded Team Lumo, the creators of the multi award winning mobile game Kumo Lumo, before moving on to found Kumotion and Lumo Developments. Steve says “I like bringing together people with different perspectives to inspire new ways of thinking, to create disruptive solutions and to challenge the status quo.”