Introducing Lumo Deliveries Inc, the debut game from Lumo Developments. Whilst we are a brand new development studio, you may be familiar with the name Lumo, and some of our previous games. We all started working together at Team Lumo, the innovative mobile development team that brought you Kumo Lumo and Paper Titans.

Now a completely new, independent game studio, Lumo Developments bring the same flavour of eclectic creativity and artistic weirdness that made our previous games such firm favourites with their players. We take our influence from contemporary art and pop culture at least much as we do from other games. This is probably where our visual and gameplay originality stems from, the desire to forge our own highway rather than following any well trodden footpath. Our new game shares the same vibrant, fresh visual direction and charmingly original gameplay.


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Lumo Deliveries Inc. takes its cue from the 1950’s and 60’s, the golden age of transport full of gleaming chrome and audacious dreams. It is a world that collides 60’s pop-art with those famous 50’s cartoons and public information films. An aspirational era of unlimited opportunities as astonishing developments in national and international transport made the world a smaller and smaller place.

You won’t be able to open your own franchise of Lumo Deliveries Inc. for a few months yet. But we will be bringing you some big gameplay announcements very soon so it’s a great idea to follow us on Twitter and bookmark this page to get all the latest news. We would love to hear from you so send us your questions! Send us your thoughts,. Send us cakes and chocolates or just send us good luck. It’s an exciting journey*. Come with us!

* Warning: Journey may contain jazz…